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After 10 years The China National Peking Opera grace our UK stages once more

The China National Peking Opera Company

The China National Peking Opera Company (CNPOC) is one of the national ensembles of performance arts directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, People's Republic of China. Since its founding, the theatre has brought together a large number of outstanding performing artists and playwrights, directors, composers, stage artists, etc., who enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad, such as the Performing arts master Li Shao-chun, Yuan Shihai, Ye Shenglan, Du Jinfang, Li Hezeng, Zhang Yunxi, Zhang Chunhua, Li Shiji, the famous director A Jia, the esteemed playwright Weng Ouhong, Fan Junhong and so on. With a galaxy of elites, CNPOC has been built into Peking Opera performing art groups of great strength.


Over 50 years, the theatre has inherited, composed, and staged more than 500 traditional historical dramas of excellence, new historical dramas and modern Peking operas with different themes and genres. Basically, it is possessed of an art spirit of innovation, with expertise in inheriting, borrowing and shaping characters, and it forms a rigorous artistic style with profound ideological content, fresh stage, various schools, and neat line-up.  


During years of artistic creation, and international and domestic performance appraisals, the theatre has more than 40 plays and over 100 people winning all sorts of awards. In recent years, National Peking Opera Theatre is always on the list of the domestic significant awards, for example, "Wenhua Award", "Five One Project Award", “the China Peking Opera Festival Gold Award”, "National Fine Stage Arts Project", "Mei Lanfang Gold Award", "Plum Blossom Award" and so on.


The China National Peking Opera Company is charged with the important task of cultural exchanges with foreign countries, and constantly sends art troupes performing around the world, which have visited 50 countries and regions, five continents, winning a good international reputation. To promote Sino-foreign cultural exchanges, enhance the friendship between Chinese people and the people of the world, it makes a positive contribution.



World Class Performances from...



Yu Kuizhi

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Li Shengsu

Read Li's Bio

"This is one of the most significent cultual events...
Merseysider Mag

"The Warrior Women of Yang review – a blazing, breathtaking spectacle"

The Guardian

"Spectacular movements and gravity defying acrobatics fill the stage"


"exhilarating display of traditional Peking Opera"

Financial Times

Warrior Women of Yang

The Story...

This is a story that happened in the Song Dynasty (960 – 1269AD).


During the reign of the Emperor of Mercy, General Yang Zongbao led the Song army into battle against the invading regime of Western Xia. During a bloody battle, Zongbao and most of the men of the Yang family are killed defending their country’s borders.


Surviving soldiers Jiao Tinggui and Meng Hauiyuan rush to the Yang residence to break the devastating news to the family who are in the middle of celebrating Zongbao’s 50th birthday. The family are distraught with grief and vow revenge. Mu Guiying, Zongboa’s widow, encourages the Grand Dowager, She Tai Jun, aged 100,  to approach the Emperor... 



Adaptation: FAN Junhong/LV Ruiming

Director: ZHENG Yiqiu

Music Design: Zhang Fu

Stage Design: ZHAO Jinsheng

Remake Director: SUN Guiyuan

Remake Supervisor: ZHANG Lan

Remake Stage Design: DONG Yongmao

Remake Lighting Design: Li Zhangcheng/ZHANG Youyou

Remake Composer : ZHU Jiang/ CHEN Xiaoman

SONG Ren Zong – played YU Kuizhi

KOU Zhun – played by XU Teng

CHAI Jun Zhu – played by WANG Fang

WANG Hui – played by CHENG Guosen

WANG Wen – played by LIU Kuikui

YANG Wenguang – played by DAI Zhongyu

YANG Qi Niang – played by PAN Yuejiao

Cai Yao Lao Ren (Old Herb Pick Man) – played by MA Xiangfei

ZHANG Biao – played by WANG Haoqiang

WANG Xiang – played by XU Mingyuan

JIAO Tinggui – played by HU Bin

MU Guiying – played by LI Shengsu, ZHU Hong

SHE Tai Jun – played by GUO Yaoyao

Farewell My Concubine

The Story...


Xiang Yu, the overlord of Chu and Liu Bang, King of Han fight a fierce battle for the supreme command of China. Xiang Yu, strong and courageous comes close to death many times, but remains undefeated whereas Liu Bang is more manipulative, clever and calculating with many scheming advisors at his side. Taking advice from his commanders Liu Bang appoints Han Xin as his chief commander. He engages the help local forces and sets up a series of ambushes tens of miles wide, surrounding Xiang Yu’s army base at Jiu Li Mountain. As he does this he also destroys all the food stores for Xiang Yu troops...

"Dazzaling performances with gracefull sword dance"
"Exquisite costume, fusing acting and dancing within the performances"
"Farewell My Concubine is eminently worth seeing for its superbly skilful mixture of formal grandeur and feeling"
The Times
"Li Shengsu combines delecate femininity with martial authority"
The Independent

China Press Release

The Sunday Times
The Independent
The Financial Times
The Times
The Guardian
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