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Understanding Peking Opera UK Tour


12th to 14th October 2018

Oxford | London 

12th October Ashmolean, Oxford |

Workshop 13th & 14th October British library, London |

Performance 13th & 14th October British library, London |

Understand Peking Opera


Peking Opera is a fascinating Chinese traditional artform. Magnificent costumes, dance, mime, music, martial arts and drama blend together to produce a thrilling cultural theatre experience; an experience of wonder for audiences of all ages.


The workshop is presented by the China National Peking Opera Company. We look in detail at many aspects of the captivating art of Peking Opera; music, singing, costume, face painting, stock characters and dance movements. There will be opportunities for the audience to participate in the workshop, a Q&A session and The China National Peking Opera Company will also present a live performance of classic Peking Opera varied in different venues.


Joining the workshop will be two highly renowned Peking Opera stars from the CNPOC including Li Shengsu and it will be facilitated by our Peking Opera expert, Kathy Hall.


Kathy Hall is an experienced arts promoter, presenter, teacher and practitioner of Peking and Kunqu Opera in London. She is known for her nationwide work with the former London Jing Kun Opera Association (2002-2014). Kathy teaches this fascination artform to all levels of experience in London.


Understanding Peking Opera Workshop   12.00-13.00

Peking Opera Performance with live music Farewell my Concubine  13​.00-13.30


The Emperor: Wei Jiaqing

The Concubine: Zhu Hong

12th October - 12.00 - 14.00

Ashmolean Museum

Beaumont Street



Understanding Peking Opera workshop  

Peking Opera performance with live music  80 minutes  



Act 1: Peking Opera Highlight Selection:


The Crossroads Inn

Performer: WANG, Haoqiang (character: Ren Tanghui); LIU, Bo (character: Liu Lihua)


Empty Fort Strategy

Performer: LIU, Lei (character: Zhuge Liang)


Fairy Sending Blossoms to Earth

Performer: DAI, Zhongyu (character: Fairy)


Act 2:

Farewell My Concubine

Performer: WEI, Jiaqing; ZHU, Hong


Saturday 13/10/2018 15.00-18.00

Sunday    14/10/2018 12.30-14.00


British Library 

96 Euston Road



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