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Li Shengsu

Li Shengsu is a National Class-I actor who plays middle-aged women roles. As the director of Troupe One of China National Peking Opera Company with a postgraduate degree, she enjoys government special allowance for artists. She was the 11th and 12th CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) member and is a member of the Executive Committee of ACWF (the All-China Women's Federation), a standing member of the ACYF (All-China Youth Federation) and the ACYF of the Ministry of Culture.


Li Shengsu has been an apprentice of senior artists like Qi Lanqiu, Liu Yuantong, Jiang Fengshan, and takes Mr. Liu Xiurong and Mr. Mei Baojiu as her teachers. Her repertoire includes The Drunken Beauty, Farewell My Concubine, Mu Guiying Takes Command, Legend of the White Snake, Xie Yaohuan and Willow Shadow, Legend of Lady Yang, etc. Li Shengsu has won National Public and Cultural System Outstanding Person, National Peking Opera Young Actor Television Competition Outstanding Performance Award, National Peking Opera Young Actor Television Competition Best Performance Award, Ministry of Culture New Repertoire Outstanding Performance Award, 13th Chinese Drama Association Plum Blossom Award, Chinese Gold Phonograph Record Award, Works of Excellence on the Nation’s Stage Award, National Theater Performing Competition Best Performance Award and Talent of Four Groups of National Propaganda and Cultural System.


Li is talented in singing and acting. She has elegant and gracious looks, clear and sweet voice and performs both normatively and naturally with singing as well as acting. She inherits Master Mei Lanfang's peaceful, restrained and graceful-oriented performing style and has portrayed many exquisite stage images with her excellent singing skills and artistic attraction, which makes her the most glorious representative figure in today’s Mei Lanfang school.

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