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Warrior Women of Yang

The Story...

This is a story that happened in the Song Dynasty (960 – 1269AD).


During the reign of the Emperor of Mercy, General Yang Zongbao led the Song army into battle against the invading regime of Western Xia. During a bloody battle, Zongbao and most of the men of the Yang family are killed defending their country’s borders.


Surviving soldiers Jiao Tinggui and Meng Hauiyuan rush to the Yang residence to break the devastating news to the family who are in the middle of celebrating Zongbao’s 50th birthday. The family are distraught with grief and vow revenge. Mu Guiying, Zongboa’s widow, encourages the Grand Dowager, She Tai Jun, aged 100,  to approach the Emperor to let the women of the Yang family lead the Song army back into battle to protect their country.


Courtier’s opinions become divided over whether to acknowledge defeat for the sake of peace or fight and save the country from foreign invasion. But the Yang family vow to lay down their lives to battle the invaders of their country and She Tai Jun persuades the Emperor to commission her, Mu Guiying and the other female members of the Yang family to lead the troops into battle against Western Xia.


Under the command of She Tai Jun, Mu Guiying, the Seventh Auntie and the rest of the women of the Yang family lead the Song army into battle and successfully defeat the enemy. However, the conquered army of Western Xia re-group in their camp and plan another attack.


They set up a trap to lure the Song army into the valley by provoking the only remaining male member of the Yang family, the young Yang Wenguang, to a dual with their Kings son, General Wang Xiang. Anticipating the Song army will follow Wenguang’s journey into the valley to dual, they plan to barricade the valley entrance and attack from all sides.  She Tai Jun warns her great grandson Wenguang of the trickery afoot and the women of the Yang family set about creating a counter attack as they discover there is a secret path that could lead them to the a position behind the enemy where they could launch a surprise attack.


Wenguang and Guiying lead a group into the valley in search of the secret path. It is a journey full of difficulties and hardship, but they remain steadfast and determined to find the path. With the help of Zongboa’s faithful white stead and an old mountain herb farmer they eventually find the hidden trail.  Outside the valley She Tai Jun waits anxiously and resists repeated provocations from the Western Xia. Once Wenguang’s group is in the attack position, behind the enemy, they signal to She Tai Jun by lighting fires.  On the signal of the burning fires on the horizon, attacking from all sides, Wenguang, Mu Guiying, the Seventh Auntie and the Warrior Women of Yang lead the Song army into a fierce and mighty battle, against the invading enemy. Victoriously the Song army return home led by the Warrior Women Yang.



The Cast

Adaptation: FAN Junhong/LV Ruiming

Director: ZHENG Yiqiu

Music Design: Zhang Fu

Stage Design: ZHAO Jinsheng

Remake Director: SUN Guiyuan

Remake Supervisor: ZHANG Lan

Remake Stage Design: DONG Yongmao

Remake Lighting Design: Li Zhangcheng/ZHANG Youyou

Remake Composer : ZHU Jiang/ CHEN Xiaoman


MU Guiying – played by LI Shengsu, ZHU Hong

SHE Tai Jun – played by GUO Yaoyao

SONG Ren Zong – played YU Kuizhi

KOU Zhun – played by XU Teng

CHAI Jun Zhu – played by WANG Fang

WANG Hui – played by CHENG Guosen

WANG Wen – played by LIU Kuikui

YANG Wenguang – played by DAI Zhongyu

YANG Qi Niang – played by PAN Yuejiao

Cai Yao Lao Ren (Old Herb Pick Man) – played by MA Xiangfei

ZHANG Biao – played by WANG Haoqiang

WANG Xiang – played by XU Mingyuan

JIAO Tinggui – played by HU Bin


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