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Yu Kuizhi

Yu Kuizhi is one of China's most famous Peking Opera actors and a household name in the country, in a career which started as a student in the Shenyang Peking Opera Company in 1972.


As the China National Peking Opera Company's vice-president and artistic director,          Yu still performs more than 100 times a year. The native of Liaoning province's capital Shenyang Yu was encouraged by his mother, a music teacher, to study music from a young age.


Yu says he's grateful because he lives in an era that allowed him to receive the best education in Peking Opera. He not only studied with the old masters in the traditional way but also was among the first to study the art at the college level in China.


In the past, audiences watched Peking Opera mainly for the singing. But a contemporary theatre goer expects not only to hear good arias but also to enjoy a unique theatrical experience.

Li Shengsu

Li Shengsu is talented in singing and acting and has elegant and gracious looks, a clear and sweet voice and performs both normatively and naturally with singing as well as acting. Li is also a National Class-I actor in the China National Peking Opera Company (CNPOC) and plays middle-aged women roles.

Li Shengsu was taught successively by senior artists like Qi Lanqiu, Liu Yuantong, Jiang Fengshan, and takes Mr. Liu Xiurong and Mr. Mei Baojiu as her teachers.


In 1988 she attended a post graduate course for outstanding young Chinese opera actors and graduated in 2001, that same year she transferred to the CNPOC. 

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